xDateMarketing.com is the insurance marketing division of MailNow.co, based in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 2012, MailNow serves direct mail clients from coast-to-coast, providing direct marketing programs with high conversation rates.

Our primary marketing focus is on Property & Casualty insurance, Medicare aging-in, Medicare Supplemental and Final Expense.

The founder of MailNow is Randall Putala, a direct marketing professional with over 40 years of agency experience. Putala began his career on Madison Avenue in New York in 1975 with Eichinger Inc., a graphic design firm serving AT&T, Celanese Corporation and many others.  He moved to Allied Graphic Arts in NYC in 1976 where he was a Typography designer for top retail catalog accounts including Macy's, Bloomingdales, Hechts, Lane Bryant, S&H Green Stamps and many more. In 1990 Putala moved to Dallas, TX where he was Asst. Manager at Dunne Creative, which served Direct Response Group which was acquired by Rapp & Collins.  He then moved to Tracy-Locke/BBDO, a top agency in the Southwest serving Frito Lay, Taco Bell, American Computer Supply, IBM Direct, Best Stores, Phillips Petroleum and many other companies large and small.  Putala moved client side in 1995, working as Advertising Manager for Morgan Building Systems, a 60-store retailer serving the South and Southwest.  Putala moved to Nashville, TN in 1988 where he was VP of Creative and VP of Account Management for FKB Direct, a London-based agency management firm with 41 agencies worldwide.  In 1990 Putala formed his own agency, Strategic Direct Marketing, Inc., which served financial service companies and insurance agencies nationwide. The agency continued to serve companies large and small until 2011.  Putala formed MailNow in 2011 where he continues to serve the insurance industry.  He also runs a non-profit organization called World Hunger Team, Inc.