A = Just 1,000 letters, at 75¢ per letter. There is NO long-term commitment; you can mail month-to-month, or skip a month any time you'd like. Our competitors require an annual contract, but not us!

A = Yes. If you order 5,000 units or higher in any one mailing month, we will give you a lower per-unit cost, negotiated by volume.  But bear in mind that our price - 75¢ per unit - is typically less than the cost that you would normally pay for the data, a blank envelope, a blank sheet of paper and a 55¢ stamp - without the production included. So our prices represent a good value already.

A = All of our letters mail with Standard Class Postage. This is what was formally referred to as "bulk" mail. The United States Postal Service does not guarantee a specific delivery timeframe for Standard Class Mailings. Mail can be delivered in a few days - or it could take up to 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the volume of First Class Mail in the postal system at that time.

A = In order to telephone your prospect list (telemarketing), you must first register with the Federal Trade Commission's "Do Not Call" Service (click HERE.) Then, phone numbers (where available) cost an additional 10¢ per name. We recommend buying "phone #s where available" rather than "100% phone numbers" due to the fact that up to 80% of consumers have opted-out of getting telephone calls. If you only buy names of people who have not opted-out, you may be taking the best prospects out of your marketing mix.