Very Affordable

X-Date Marketing offers you a tested and proven system for generating Home Insurance (Property & Casualty) policy sales. Letters cost just 75¢ per unit, including list, customer suppression, printing, mailing services and Standard Class Postage, with a low 1,000-letter minimum, ($750 for 1,000 letters including postage & list). Try it for yourself, and you can be enjoying new leads in a few short days.

Who We Target

Target the Home Insurance Renewals in Your Community. We find all of the homeowners in your market area with an upcoming home purchase anniversary date. We plan at least one month in advance, so we can target the customer before they renew their current policy.

Quote a Specific Rate

The key to our system is the ability to quote a specific rate to the customer. We do this by starting with the most up-to-date home values on the market today. We typically factor in:
- Assessed Total Value
- Square Feet of the House
- Age of the House


We can target the exact areas you want to reach.  This can be by Zip Code, County, Carrier Route - even a radius around your location. We can also suppress your current customers, as well as undesirable neighborhoods.

What's Included?

Our prices include all copywriting, design and production set-up of your letters.  Our production services include:
- Mailing list per your criteria
- Paper and envelope
- Duplex black & white laser printing
- Letter house & mailing services
- Standard Class Postage

No Contracts

Our xDate letter program is strictly month-to-month.  You can try it for one month, or set it on 'auto-pilot' and let it keep running.  We don't lock you into a long-term contract, and there is no cost or penalty to drop out at any time.

Why It Works

- Letter is simple and 'local'
- We make a simple offer
- Customer calls you with questions
- The dialogue begins; you're talking business!

How To Get Started

Just send an email to Randall (at) with:
- Geography. What Zip Codes / Counties?
- Quantity. How many letters?

That's it!  We'll respond right away.
Or simply call us at 800-391-1201.

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